Advocacy for Better Health



Functionality of the health care system improved

During the time of ABH, Dr. John Baptist Waniaye once served as the District Health Officer, Mbale District. He was responsible for coordinating health services across the entire district of Mbale.

Working together with ABH, he says, has dramatically helped to improve the functioning of health centers in the area. He cites service delivery improvements that include increased availability of medicines and supplies, better and more attentive health workers, construction of health centers and accommodation for workers, and increased funding in the local health budget.

“Because of ABH’s work we have full functioning of all of our health center IVs [which serve as mini-hospitals for a county]. When we all participate,we start seeing the results.

**Dr. Waniaye has since been promoted to serve in the central government as Commissioner in Charge of Emergency Health Care at Ministry of Health.

More maternity beds delivered

Namugowa Davis is the chairman of the community’s oversight committee for Bugitimwa Health Center III, Sironko district. He has always been an advocate at heart—in fact, in 2014 he alerted authorities when a mother delivered her baby outside the clinic without assistance.

However, he credits ABH and MAFOC (CSO partner) with giving him and other community members the tools they need to conduct formal advocacy with duty-bearers.

“ABH helped us organize. They helped us understand how we could be involved in monitoring health services. We recently got new maternity beds as a direct result of this advocacy.



No more late reporting for duty by health workers

Aisha Mugoya is an Advocacy Champion. She leads Bufumbo Women’s Group. The group uses drama to educate community members about their rights to health care and to facilitate dialogue between clients and health workers.

Aisha helped to institute the suggestion box that sits near the health center’s door, which she credits for bringing about several changes in services. A couple of years ago, she says, health workers did not appear at the health clinic until 10:00 or 11:00 am.

“Now, health workers arrive early for duty. In fact, the health clinic’s services have improved so much that people travel from the town of Mbale to access Bufumbo’s services.”