Advocacy for Better Health

Where everyone is accountable,
everyone wins.



The advocacy for better health project

An engaged and active civil society is essential for translating commitments from those in positions of power into improved health outcomes. USAID's Advocacy for Better Health, a five-year project implemented by PATH and Initiatives Inc., is mobilizing communities and strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to hold duty-bearers accountable for improving health and social services. The project’s advocacy and accountability initiatives are propelling change in policies, budgets, and health programs that affect Ugandans’ daily lives.

Civil society organizations can be the force that awakens communities to the power inside of them.
— JOSEPHINE KICONCO, Advocacy Officer for Kisoro District under PATH

Stories of Our impact

Advocacy for Better Health has seen improved health policies, increased budgets, and strengthened health service delivery as a result of successful advocacy efforts across 35 districts in Uganda and at the national level.

A baby doesn’t have time. We need our health workers to be here, and on time, to take care of our community.
— AISHA MUGOYA, Advocacy Champion for Bufumbo Women's Group

"Through sustainable, citizen-centered advocacy, Advocacy for Better Health aims to improve health policies, increase budgets, and strengthen health service delivery across Uganda.

Our motto is 'Where everyone is accountable, everyone wins.' This means empowering all of us to own our health rights and responsibilities, demand better services, and then hold each other responsible for making good on these priorities."

- MOSES DOMBO, Chief of Party, USAID Advocacy for Better Health

Communities used to fear the District Health Office, but advocacy has emboldened them. They aren’t fearful anymore-now that is empowerment.
— ASABA DEO, Assistant District Health Educator, Mayuge District


Advocacy for Better Health Priority Issues
Learn about the Advocacy for Better Health priority issue areas and calls to action.

Project Brief
Learn more about the Advocacy for Better Health project, as well as its priorities and impact.

Advocacy Capacity Assessment Tool
Use this guide for step-by-step instructions for conducting a stand-alone assessment of advocacy programming.

Community Mobilization and Action Planning Curriculum
Use this guide to increase the understanding and skills among individuals and organizations to plan, facilitate, and implement policy advocacy strategies to bring about change.

Civil Society Health Manifesto
Read the Ugandan civil society demands for lifesaving health services, and an implementation plan for defeating the leading causes of preventable death and disease in Uganda.



This forum is a voice. Our motto is ‘Speak quality, walk the talk, focus on and offer quality, yield quality.’ I am sure we are going to see the results on the ground.
— HON. KINOBERE HERBERT, Member of Parliament for Kibuku County and Chairperson, Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Quality of Health Services